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Live life to the fullest!
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Amen! :D

Being Thankful For Faith - Daily Living with Kong Hee :D

Being Thankful For Faith

God has given us the blessing of faith. Even though we may live in a fallen world that is often negative, cynical and doubting, and even if we may be going through some of the toughest times in our lives, we can still have hope through faith in Jesus Christ!

In Ephesians 2:8-9, we’re told, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God …” The entire process of salvation—both grace and faith—are gifts expressly from God alone. So if you’re in Christ, you have freely received the blessing of faith to believe. And we all know that faith as small as a mustard seed can move whatever mountain we may face!

Your life does not need to be swayed by the situations you experience IF you activate the gift of faith in God’s irrevocable promises!

What comes next then? Well, besides being thankful for the gift of faith, you need to share it as a blessing to others. That’s done through both word and action … sharing the gospel with others and living your life as a testimony to God’s work in your life. Make a list of people you feel led to share with, and carry it out. The faith that saved you will save others. Don’t keep it in!

Prayer for the day:

Thank God for your faith. Ask Him to give you the courage and words to share it with as many people as possible!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Praise God! Muacks! ^^

HELLO! If you dont miss me. Dont carry on reading! :B

Today, spent quite some time in MSN with Brandy the pig.
Settled our stuffs and woohooo! :D Feeling superdy good now. :)
Misunderstandings cleared. :) Praise the Lord!
Though no more PA, but now a good friend gained! ^^v

Anyways, i've really been busy nowdays.
TIME REALLY FLIES. Is like, last month was Peiling and Chunhan's 2nd month. But now, it's already their 6th month! o.o Haha!
So much homework and tuitions still...... *Sigh! ):
But, let's JIAYOU BA! ^^ always believe tht you're not alone. :)

Well. Tmr gonna have POA tuition @11am till 2pm.
3 hours long. :o Sounds long but actually, *Shiu* past very quicky. ):
Hahhaa. Once again! JIAYOU JIAYOU!!!! :D

Went for a great service today. :) Alone. ._.
Initially was with my dear Zeng-zumu. But she last min cant. ):
So had to go alone. Hahha! BUT.
Thank God for Mel's cell group. Managed to seat with them for service. :D
God bless them! ^^ Hahhaa!

I really dunno wad to blog about. .__.
Blah, i think im too sleepppppy. x.x Shall go and sleep now. ^^
Goodnights pigs. See you in the farm. :)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Don't waste your time away!

//Happy pills.

I guess I'd need more of tht if this kinda pills really exists. Haha.
Well, today's Chinese 'O' Levels. I must say I'm still kinda confused if i did ohkay or not. :X
Can't really think properly nowadays, dontknow why. :/
But! I think i did so-so la. (typical answer.) Haha!
Hmmm, but who cares? It's over le.
Even if it's a screwed-up paper, so be it. There's nothing much left for s to do but to wait for the result and work harder for other sections/papers!
And work harder = really work hard!

NOT still slack slack watch tvee, eat so long, bathe so long, do everything so slow.
*Sigh. I must say i hadn't been working hard though. :[
But i'd smile because i know i did my best. :)
I hope you readers out there will smile too!
Cause .....

You look great when you smile! =D

So gimmie a wide wide smile nowxzsxzxszxsz! Hahahha!
Rmb, everyday is a brand new day. AND.

You're not gonna be young forever, cherish our time of youth and live up to our name of the age of joyous and fun! Whoooooooo.

But one kinda sucky thing is - thr's school later.
Though sian, but it's for our own good! hees. ;D

Alright! Gotta sleep alrdy!
Nightnights. Muacks people. Me lurbbe y'all. :)

#Why can't we talk like we use to in th past? Whr has tht kinda feeling gone to? Idk. I'm starting to miss you. And you, you, you. )';

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Friday, May 28, 2010
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! ^^

I don't really like exams. Do you?
Wellwellwell. This time round, is my worst result ever!
Is like, omg. The lousiest one i've ever gotten in my whole life!!
The worst thing is, i'm gonna have to take the 'O' Level Examinations this year.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. D:
Not to mention, Chinese 'O's is 2 days near.
Seriously, im not ready yettttt.
But just gotta make use of the time left. Every minute's precious!
Jiayou to every single one who's facing the same prob as me.
Work hard tgt!!! ^^
Hahaahahaha. Gotta go sleep now.
Eating Swensens breakfast with Gugu &Akina tmr! Hohoh. *Yummi! :p
Well then. Goodnights friends!!
C-H-A-O-S ~

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Sunday, May 23, 2010
We're all a part of God's great big family! :)

Went for Sophie's farwell party today! :D
Had fun. Haha, super hyper. Lol, dunno why also.
Anyways, testerday was Elzane Teo Kefei's birthday! ^^
Kefei, happy birthday!!! (21st May'1o)

I love you alot manxszxzzxs :D
Hehehhee, *Muacccks! <<3>

Anyways, i just wanna share with you guys this video which i really enjoy.
I Believe i can really feel their love for the victims in Haiti when they sing this song..
Let's wake up. Though we cant really help those in other countries, let's just do our part in helping the people in our own country. If we dont, who's gonna be? :)

God bless you! :D

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Saturday, May 15, 2010
'O' Level's Mother Tongue's coming so soooooon!

Just think that this video's damn nice! Decided to share with you all.
Enjoy k! They have a great talents especially in guitar and singing! ;D

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Sunday, February 21, 2010
God shall be my strength. :)

Ohla people! ^.^
One week plus has past from my birthday.
Hahaa :D Anyways.

A big thank you to everyone each and one of you who had wished me happy birthday or even gave me birthday present! :D

I'm really happy! Hahaha. ^^ Compare this and last year's,
Im much happier. And this year also got large group of people to sing Happy Birthday song to me! Which really made me happy. C: Last year was during OUTWARD BOUND. I still rmb them singing for me. :D *SMILES.

BUT. Nowadays are really down for me.
I was feeling sad, tired, stressed, worried, weak, empty, and those negative emotions.
Mostly was kinda of the tired side.. :(
So many things happened. So much work undone, so little time! :( *Sighs.
However, life still goes on. This is pretty much the cruel of reality. :/
Nevermind! Im just gonna jiayou! :D
I hope anyone who's feeling the same as me, would jaiyou too!

Lalalala. I've updated my facebook with photo albulms!
BUT. Im just gonne post some of those nice nice ones (actually all are nice ;D) on my blog.
Hahaaa, but! Go facebook see better la. :D

Thursday, 11th of feb.
Morning during recess, Kefei, Melvin, Emily, Wenting and SHuwei celebrated my birthday! ^^
Was shocked and turly happy!!!! :D hahahaha. I LOVE THEM :)
Went out with Melvin in the evening! ;D He rocks too. :)

Love them :)

Best friend. :)

Friday, 12th of feb.
Went to school to perfom for CNY performance, then to marina square for buffet, then to CHC for serveice! Powerful! :D
Yummy too! :P thanks everyoneee!
Love you all veh veh muchieeee! ^^ *KISSES&HUGS!

Love them :)

Best babarian! :P

Sunday, 14th of feb. Vaentines' day &1st day of CNY! :D
Went visitings. Ang paos many many! C:
Love my cute cousin! :D
Ronald was my Valentine. :p
Monday,15th feb. 2nd day of CNY! C:
Went AMK with mama, jia and myself! Watch the 72 jia zu ke movie.
Funny show! Hahaha. I love my family :)
Neoprints! :p
Same day,
went to Kendrick's house and stayed overnight with other church members! :D
Great time of fellowship :) But didnt sleep till 7am :(
But still love it! :D
Love Sarah! - never fails to make me laugh with her silly expressions! Hahaha! :D
Tuesday, 16th feb.
Visited Mr Cheong's House! AND 4e4'10 steamboat! :D
Hahaha. FUN! :D Should have more outings yo! ;D
HLC Huat uh! xD
Brandy rocksssss! ^^
Best Korh! :D

Most adorable class! 4express4'10! :D
Thursday, 18th feb.
Went to Mr Ang's House! ;D
Hahahaa. Smiles on each faces! :)
5A1s! :D
(Except for me and some others :p)
All the pictures are so nice! Plus all the beautiful memories it each had.
They shall all be kept in my heart C:
Hahaha, once again.
Alright, im gonna sleep now. If not can't wake up tmr :x
Hehe. Goodnights everyone! Sleep tight and rest well! ^^
#God shall show me the answer and lead us on. :)
I miss jas kon! :(
&I miss you again!

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